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Asset Acquisition
MB Capital Assets buys underperforming assets across a range of commercial property types. This includes apartment buildings, condominiums, multi-family dwellings, office buildings, community shopping centers, malls, hotels, multi-purpose properties and undeveloped land located everywhere in the United States.  
Sellers benefit from our ability to quickly underwrite, finance and close on distressed assets that no longer warrant continued diversion of funds and management focus. Buyers benefit from our ability to restore value through property revitalization.
Asset Management
MB Capital’s Asset Managers have the expertise to negotiate a range of transactions and stabilize sub-performing properties. Our formidable asset management strength lies in our ability to acquire assets at competitive bids and generate high-value returns.
Our alliances with our network of property management firms, brokers, architects, environmental consultants and facility service providers/vendors strongly positions us to achieve the best possible results.
Mortgage Acquisition
MB Capital Assets acquires non-performing mortgages and restructures them for optimal re-performance. Our financing supports projects that add value to local communities, prevents mortgage defaults and protects properties from entering into receivership.  .

Social responsibility is core to our identity and thus, our redevelopment efforts are focused to apply the latest standards for environmental sustainability and ecological preservation.

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